Hello Kitty Pens and Pencils

Write smoothly and clearly with our beautiful range of Hello Kitty pens and pencils. Some have adorable charms that swing from the top to add that edge of cuteness.  Comfortable to write with they are also stunning and beautiful to admire.

Hello Kitty x Momiji Pen - Gel with Black Ink Hello Kitty Momiji Pen - Gel with Black Ink £1.99 https://www.hellokitty4u.com/hello-kitty-momiji-pen-gel-with-black-ink Hello Kitty x Liberty Ballpoint Pen & Notebook - Pink Apple Tree Hello Kitty Liberty Pen and Notebook - Pink Apple Tree £10.99 https://www.hellokitty4u.com/hello-kitty-liberty-ballpoint-pen-notebook-pink-apple-tree