Hello Kitty Hats and Sun Glasses

We all need protecting from the sun, especially if you are fair skinned or burn easily. A lobster is not a good look! Let Hello Kitty protect your beautiful eyes with our stunning sunglasses,  we even have ones that flip up and down and are in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face – so cute and unique! You will not find designs like this easily anywhere else in the UK. It’s important to protect your head too, especially now we are entering the summer months! Choose from our cute Hello Kitty collection of hats, cute eye catching designs and funky styles that will keep you looking cool on the beach!

New Page Created 18 APR, 2014 Hello Kitty Cap - Black Apple £13.99 https://www.hellokitty4u.com/hello-kitty-cap-black-apple New Page Created 18 APR, 2014 Kuromi Child Cap - Happy Lilac £9.99 https://www.hellokitty4u.com/kuromi-child-cap-happy-lilac  Hello Kitty D-Cut Sunglasses - Flip Up Hello Kitty D-Cut Sunglasses - Flip Up £14.99 https://www.hellokitty4u.com/hello-kitty-d-cut-sunglasses-flip-up